Director – Life and Health Division

Lisa G. Strachan-Turnquest, MSc, CCHM

Have you been displaced from your employer and find yourself without health insurance?

Have you been denied health insurance because of an injury, ailment, or condition?

Do you have benefit limits or exclusions under your current plan for major medical conditions?

Product Offering

Life Insurance (Term and Whole)
Individual Health Insurance
Group Health Insurance
Marine Crew Insurance
Dental and Vision (Group and Individual)
Disability Insurance
Malpractice Coverage
Final Expense Policies
Travel Insurance
Income Protection
Financial Investments Options

Value Added Services

Medical Concierge
Virtual Health Seminars
Employee Benefit Sessions
Insurance Education Sessions
Account Management
Employee Benefit Co-ordination

Serving you with E.M.P.A.T.H.Y.

Educate clients on new and existing health and life insurance products.
Make insurance easy to understand so that choices can be made on what is sensible and not just a matter of dollars and cents.
Provide clients with a better understanding of their coverage types and levels.
Analyze health insurance data to ensure optimum product performance.
Advocate to ensure that clients achieve maximum benefits from their health insurance plans
Train clients on how to effectively and efficiently maximize health and life benefits and how to navigate through their existing plans.
Transparencyall fees are negotiated upfront with our clients.
Hold the hands of our clients who face medical matters by assisting with making necessary arrangements when accessing healthcare locally and overseas.
You – ensuring that the client’s overall well-being remains the priority.